Benefits of starting your child on MOE’s DSA preparations earlier

Benefits of starting your child on MOE’s DSA preparations earlier

Here's a few reasons why you should prepare your child earlier for MOE’s Direct School Admission (DSA). By preparing in advance for academic subjects such as mathematics, you can give your child a head start in both DSA preparations and mathematics revision for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Terry Chew Academy is one of the top tuition centres in Singapore that can hone your child's mathematical ability and assist your child to apply for DSA in mathematics.

What is MOE’s DSA?

The Direct School Admission (DSA) program provides Primary 6 students the opportunity to secure early placements in their desired secondary schools with their talents prior to the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Primary 6 students can apply for DSA based on their talents in sports and performing arts as well as aptitude in subjects like mathematics and science.

Why you should apply your child to MOE's DSA early

An early DSA application gives your child the potential to secure a spot in his or her desired school prior to the PSLE. You both will feel more at ease knowing there is a placement.

It also acts as a safety net. If the desired school is competitive, the DSA provides a level playing field and highlights your child's ability in non-academic aspects. Less academic pressure frees up time to develop their DSA portfolio, increasing their chances of being accepted.

Your child will also face lesser competition. Keeping this in mind helps you develop a tactical strategy and position your child for success. For instance, developing both a strong academic and DSA portfolio edges out those with only the latter.

What can be showcased in your child's DSA portfolio

These are some examples of talents that can be shown during admission:

  1. Sports, games
  2. Visual, literary, performing arts
  3. Debate, public speaking
  4. Science, mathematics, engineering
  5. Languages, humanities
  6. Uniformed groups
  7. Leadership

How early should you prepare for MOE’s DSA

Given the competitive nature and time constraints involved, it is good to start preparing before Primary 6. This allows you to record developmental achievements and insert supporting materials along the way.

An ideal time to start preparations is before Primary 4, following the removal of primary level examinations, which frees up more time for self-directed learning and the development of 21st-century competencies. You may apply your child to as many programs as possible to assess their aptitude and progressively build up their portfolio.

If your child has already discovered his or her talent, you can focus your search and find more specialised programs. As students have more time, it is essential for them to participate in more programs before entering Primary 4 and becoming weighed down by examinations.

The importance of applying for MOE’s DSA early

Discovering your child's talent early could give you a significant head start on the DSA program tracks. As this program is attractive to other students too, you'll be facing competition from those entering the same school. By starting early, you're giving your child ample amount of time to practice and improve before actual examinations. Rather than stressing out when examination dates draw near, it's better to work on primary mathematics skills progressively as your child gets more exposed to the subject.

Furthermore, although the revamped AL marking system is considered fair, obtaining AL1 is difficult. It is advisable to start preparing for mathematics as part of DSA preparations if you haven't already so that there is a safety net regardless of PSLE results. Even if your child is not particularly talented in mathematics, enrolling in mathematics programs can help your child get good PSLE results as a backup plan in the event that the DSA application is unsuccessful. Even if your child's DSA application is unsuccessful, your child can proceed with the selection process after receiving PSLE results.

How TCA can help with DSA preparations

If your child exhibits an aptitude for mathematics, you can consider leveraging it to get your child embarked on the DSA program tracks ideally before academic pressure due to school examinations. You can start preparing for DSA as early as Kindergarten. At TCA, we hone the mathematical skills of students and cultivate critical thinking in Mathematics.

If you're considering using Mathematics as one of the subjects for DSA, we are one of Singapore's top tuition providers, offering Mathematics Olympiad (MO) programs starting at MO Junior up to MO Secondary. Not only are TCA mathematics coaches qualified and knowledgeable about mathematical concepts, but we also offer enriching tutorials that are combined with effective teaching methodology, which has received accolades from local and international media. If your child is a mathematics whiz in the making, consider enrolling your child in our renowned Mathematical Olympiad Programmes to stretch your child's potential and boost his DSA profile with MO achievements, and help your child tackle AL1 PSLE mathematics questions with confidence. Ready to give your child the head start he/she needs? Register with us today.

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