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PSLE A* Mathematics Course

Improve from B to A* within 6 months or less


Mathematical Olympiads Course

SMO, RIPMWC, SMOPS, NMOS, Mathlympics and more – Go for Gold! Risk-Free Trial LessonsCourse Details

Maths for the Gifted

GEP Screening, Kangaroo, SASMO, SEAMO and more – Get Prepared! Risk-Free Trial LessonsCourse Details

Meet Singapore’s  Best-Selling Math Author and Critical Thinking Trainer

Terry Chew B.Sc. is the author of the best selling Math Workbook series
‘Unleash the Math Olympian in You!’ and Wicked Mathematics’ used in over 8 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines and the USA) and translated into over 3 languages. He also appeared in international media due to his unique teaching methodology – The RA*CE Framework.

The Singapore Maths curriculum places a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills as part of its 21st Century Core Competencies. Students must be able to make connections and think outside the box in order to be successful in school and in the workplace.

With a strong and proven critical thinking training process that is specifically targeted at mathematical problem-solving, TCA has become a highly acclaimed Mathematics Training Centre with its curriculum and teaching framework adopted in Asia, Europe and the USA. Thousands of TCA students in Singapore and overseas have achieved high distinctions in school examinations and international Maths Olympiad competitions.

The RA*CE framework is integrated into our curriculum and focuses on strong concepts and critical thinking in mathematical problem-solving. TCA has helped hundreds of students Secure an A* for PSLE and achieve high distinction in RIPMWC and other prestigious Maths Olympiad competitions.

Learn How Your Child Can
Secure an A* For PSLE Maths

FREE 2-hour workshop outlining PSLE Trends, Common Pitfalls and Key Factors that make an A* student
Learn how 95% of TCA students improve from B to A* in 6 months or less.


Testimonials From Proud Parents


Father of Prakesh Singh

“C in P6 SA2 but A* for PSLE Math!”

“[Prakesh]….was doing well since young but had great difficulty with Section C of the math paper. He could not understand problem sums, especially those involving speed, ratio and percentage. Most of the time he would score between 80-85% in the [math] exam.

I brought him to TCA after he suddenly scored a C in SA2 during his Primary 6 year. We were very worried he could not make it. During the training, he told us that certain techniques from math olympiad was being taught which simplified the whole problem-solving process. He also seemed excited about going to class every week. In the preliminary exams, he scored an A and eventually achieved an A* for PSLE math, which a great relief to me! Thank you for your guidance.”

Yeo Hua Siang

Mother of Kim Lee

“Critical Thinking Skills helped my girl get past the B-Barrier.”

“My girl has always been average at math. She pays attention in class and is able to pick up the techniques teacher teach[es] in school. So she has no problem getting B consistently but has never gotten A or A*. Her [private] tutor said he taught her the method but once the question is changed, she will be confused. I was introduced to you [TCA] by my friend and her son was always scoring A*.

After almost 5 months of coaching, she got her very first A* in CA1 [Primary 6]! She says she is now confident of solving different types of problems no matter how they twist it.

Very amazing result!”

Mr. Nibu

Father of Rex Joseph

“Couldn’t go above 80% for Math… but that changed instantly after joining TCA!”

“My son hit a roadblock at Primary 4. He was scoring 75-80% and could not go higher. We joined other centres but his marks stayed the same. We joined [TCA] when he [Rex] was beginning Primary 6 and were confident he will not go higher than an A for PSLE.

During the training [at TCA], Coach Leo exposed Rex to certain math olympiad approaches and he immediately scored 84 marks for CA1, which was unbelievable because he has been scoring below 80 marks since Primary 4. Somehow, he started improving at a sudden fast pace. Eventually, he achieved an A* for math and scored 252 overall for the PSLE. It was a miracle and my wife and I are very satisfied with the outcome.”



Build up strong conceptual foundations and develop essential critical thinking skills to achieve A* in 6 months or less.

P5 and P6 only.

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GEP Screening, Kangaroo, SASMO, SEAMO and more – Math Olympiad concepts. Suitable for GEP and competiton preparation.

Ages 7 to 9.

Class schedule >


RIPMWC, SMOPS, NMOS, Mathlympics, AMC, SASMO, SEAMO and other training for DSA, competition or enrichment purposes.

Ages 10 to 12.

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Master all essential topics tested in SMOJ and SMOS competitions. Suitable for AMC, SASMO, SEAMO, IMSO and other secondary level competitions.

Ages 13 to 18.

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Train with our coaches online via LIVE video interaction. All courses adhere to TCA’s curriculum and teaching methodology.
Materials are provided.

Ages 7 to 18.

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Maximise the holidays and be equipped with essential tools to solve questions with speed and accuracy! Focuses on upcoming exams and competitions.

Limited by capacity.

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