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Terry Chew Academy has maintained a track record of B3 to A1 (or a minimum 2-grade improvement) within 6 months, or less. Since 2014, we have helped hundreds of students achieve the results they want and many of them went on to enter top Junior Colleges such as Anglo-Chinese JC, National JC, Victoria JC, Nanyang JC, Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution.

Our Teaching Framework is developed by Mr Terry Chew and is based on Singapore MOE's 21st Century Core Competencies, which places a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and making connections between different topics to solve complicated problem sums. As Math Olympiad specialists, we add value to our students by equipping them with effective Math Olympiad skills that are relevant and useful when applied to the O Level Math Curriculum. That is why, despite exam questions get increasingly more tricky and less straightfoward, our students are still able stay ahead of their peers.

Our Coaches are specialists in the field of mathematics and hand-picked by Mr Terry Chew to undergo an intensive 6-week 'Train-the-Trainer' Course, where they are equipped with the most effective coaching techniques to help your child see rapid improvement in their math results.

We are experts in maths concept building and problem-solving strategies and tools (28 esssential tools) - this is why our students are able to solve problems with speed and accuracy. Our lesson structure and effective revision approach maximizes your child’s learning and allows him or her to gain the confidence that they need to ace the subject.

The RA*CE Framework

Terry Chew's Strong And Proven Teaching Methodology To Help Your Child
Score A* / A1 And Win Medals For Maths


Roadmap to A*

TCA's roadmap features a structured plan to building competence and confidence in your child. First, our Coaches will identitfy conceptual gaps and weaknesses. Then, a personalised roadmap is created to help your child to plug the gaps by clarifying concepts. Student progress is recorded each lesson to ensure they are on track to achieving the results they want.


Critical Thinking

Our Coaches are specially trained to help students develop Critical Thinking in Mathematical Problem-Solving. A research-backed training process is used, which is pertinent to MOE's 21st Century Core Competencies - with its focus on making connections and thinking outside the box. Students are groomed to face increasingly tricky and complex cross-topic and unseen problems that have been appearing since 2014.


Exam Mastery

TCA have developed simple but powerful tools to help students solve problem sums faster and more accurately. Our students are equipped with 28 problem-solving strategies and tools throughout their training. This will not only enable them to simplify complicated problems but also make them less prone to careless mistakes. To ensure that students are fully prepared for the exam, we conduct Exam Simulation and Peak Performance Training to help them be less nervous as well as to perform well during stressful exam situations.

  • About the Course

    The Secondary Mathematics Course offers students the opportunity to streamline their learning to maximise results.

    • Small Group Tutorials
    • Weekly Lesson: 2-Hour Sessions
    • Intensive Revision Holiday Programmes
    • Constant Progress Tracking
    • No Homework Policy
    • Callback Sessions To Target Weak Topics (No Additional Charges)

    Students attend weekly coaching sessions and learn essential concepts, strategies and exam techniques. More importantly, our coaches use strong and proven Critical Thinking Training techniques developed by Mr Terry Chew to help students develop the Crticial Thinking Skills they need to improve 2-grades within 6 months.

    These weekly sessions are complemented with Intensive Holiday Revision Programmes to consolidate their learning. During these holiday programmes, students are also stretched by exposing them to upcoming new topics or trending questions that are likely to appear in the exam. It also gives Coaches an opportunity to dive deeper and provide personalised help to students for topics they are weak in.

    As part of the Customised Roadmap to A*, we place high importance on Progress Tracking, where Coaches identify the gaps in students' knowledge and patch them up. This is to ensure strong conceptual understanding and to keep students on track to scoring the results that they want. Students who are found to be weak in a certain topic will be called back for additional class at no additional cost. The small class size ensures that Coaches are able to give each child the attention he or she requires to make learning effective.

    Due to our robust Progress Tracking and Intensive Revision schemes, no homework is required. All practicing is done during the course and under Coach supervision and guidance. By maximising their learning during the course, students are able to spend time at home on improving other subjects that they may be weak in.

    Suitable for all students enrolled in Secondary 1 to 4 in local schools.

  • Schedule and Fees

    Due to limited capacity, we are unable to gaurantee availability of slots in our weekly classes. To find out if slots are available on the days and time you require, kindly Contact Us for the latest information.

    Our fee structure is as follows:

    1. Fees are collected on a term basis.
      • Each term consists of twelve (12) weekly lessons.
      • Course fees will not be pro-rated; regardless of commencement date.
      • Course fee per term is $960.00

    2. Registration Fee of $70.00 is applicable per new enrolment.
    3. Refundable Deposit of $100.00 is applicable per new enrolment.
    4. Trial fees equivalent to one (1) lesson is to be paid before attending any trial lesson.
    5. A maximum of one (1) trial lesson is allowed.

    All prices displayed are inclusive of GST and material fees. No additional charges apply.

  • Who Should Join?

    1. Students enrolled in Secondary 1 to 4 in local schools
    2. Students currently scoring C6 or less who want to achieve a Passing Grade
    3. Students currently scoring B3 who want to achieve an A1 within 6 months
    4. Students who want to learn strategies for problem-solving with speed and accuracy
    5. Students who want to build up strong Conceptual Understanding of Math topics
    6. Students who want to develop strong Critical Thinking Skills
    7. Students who are seeking to secure a seat in a top JC

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Meet Singapore's

Best-Selling Math Author, Tutor and Critical Thinking Trainer

Terry Chew B.Sc. is the first author in Singapore to publish a Maths Olympiad workbook series since 2007. The series 'Unleash the Maths Olympian in You!' is still being used as the Gold-Standard across Southeast Asia today. He is also the author of 'Wicked Mathematics', which helps mainstream maths students achieve an A* for the PSLE by equipping them with essential problem-solving strategies and tools in 28 lessons. His books are used in over 8 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines and the USA) and translated into over 3 languages. He also appears in international media due to his unique teaching methodology – The RA*CE Framework.

The Singapore Maths curriculum places a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills as part of its 21st Century Core Competencies. Students must be able to make connections and think outside the box in order to be successful in school and in the workplace.

With a strong and proven critical thinking training process that is specifically targeted at mathematical problem-solving, TCA has become a highly acclaimed Mathematics Training Centre with its curriculum and teaching framework adopted in Asia, Europe and the USA. Thousands of TCA students in Singapore and overseas have achieved high distinctions in school examinations and international Maths Olympiad competitions.

The RA*CE framework is integrated into our curriculum and focuses on strong concepts and critical thinking in mathematical problem-solving. Surpassing the average Math tuition centre in Singapore, TCA has helped hundreds of students Secure an A* for PSLE and achieve distinctions in RIPMWC and other prestigious Maths Olympiad competitions.

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Our Achievements

Since 2014, 95% of our students have achieved a 2-grade improvement in Mainstream Maths and at least 60% winning rate in Maths Olympiad.

The RA*CE Framework

The teaching methodology developed by Mr Terry Chew over 12 years of extensive research used to help our students maximise their results.

Specialist Coaches

Our coaches have more than 72 years of teaching and competition experience combined in helping students achieve top results for Maths.

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