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About the Course
  • Is the course suitable for mainstream maths Students?

    TCA conducts Math Olympiad as well as Mainstream mathematics courses.

    Our Mainstream curriculum has a hint of Math Olympiad to help students develop Critical Thinking Skills, which is required for your child to secure an AL1/A*.

  • Do you accept weaker Students?

    TCA measures success by the percentage of our students who improve 2 grades within 6 months. All students are accepted no matter how low their current scores.

    Students scoring less than 80% in their school exams are recommended to further strengthen their concepts and problem-solving approach in the Mainstream programme.

    Those scoring at least 80% have a good chance of entering our Math Olympiad programme. However, a trial session is required to first assess their ability.

  • Do you give homework?

    TCA has a 'No-Homework' policy. We believe that 2 hours of effective learning is better than 4 hours of blind practicing.

    Practicing without understanding the concept and with the wrong approach will do more harm than good.

  • Are holiday courses alone enough for my child?

    Students are advised to be consistent in their training. TCA does not guarantee significant improvement for students who attend holiday bootcamps alone.

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GEP, DSA and Maths Olympiad
  • What is the relationship between GEP, DSA and Maths Olympiad?

    GEP students are tested for their (a) visualisation (b) logical reasoning (c) pattern spotting skills. These are skills that are also required for MO. However, MO is more comprehensive than GEP because, on top of that, it also requires students to master certain concepts and strategies for the competition. Therefore, most students who are trained in MO should already possess the skills required for GEP and are likely to excel in the General Ability component of the GEP Screening process.

    Also, as MO students are equipped with strategies and tools for problem-solving with speed and accuracy, they are able to cope with the limited time given to complete the GEP Screening Test.

  • What and when are the Maths Olympiad Competitions?

    These are some of the important Maths Olympiad competitions for your reference.

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Classes and Coaches
  • Which course is most suitable for my child?

    You may learn more about our Courses by selecting them from the menu bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, you may Consult Our Coach for further guidance.

  • Do you offer Trial Lessons?

    Yes. A maximum of one (1) trial lesson is allowed unless otherwise approved by The Management. Trial lessons are non-chargeable.

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  • What makes TCA coaches so qualified?

    All Coaches are hand-picked by Mr Terry Chew. They have at least 3 years of experience and a strong Math Olympiad background. Coaches are MOE Registered and have gone through a 6-week 'Train-the-Trainer' course conducted by Mr Terry Chew, which is then followed by 3 months of Apprenticeship before they are allowed to teach any classes.

    Subsequently, Coaches are expected to maintain a KPI of 95% 2-grade improvement for mainstream maths and 60% winning rate for math olympiad.

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  • Can I choose my coach?

    No. Students are streamed into classes based on their ability. Coach allocation is at the discretion of The Management.

    To find out which Coach is allocated to your child's class, Contact Us now!

  • Can i ask questions from school?

    Yes. We welcome all kinds of math questions from students. They may ask questions before or after each lesson.

  • Do you provide 1-1 coaching?

    Yes. Private Coaching is provided as part of our Online Coaching programme only. Coaches do not travel to students' houses nor conduct 1-1 coaching at our physical location.

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Schedule and Replacement Lessons
  • When does the term begin?

    Each term consists of 12 lessons. A student's term begins upon enrolment and ends 12 weeks later.

  • Where can I find your class schedule?

    Due to limited capacity, we are unable to gaurantee availability of slots in our weekly classes. To find out if slots are available on the days and time you require, kindly Contact Us for the latest information.

  • What happens when I miss a lesson?

    Classes missed may be replaced with a suitable class conducted on another day of the same academic week. A maximum of three (3) replacement classes is allowed per student per term - this does not include gazetted Public Holidays. Worksheets for missed classes will be provided in the case when students are unable to attend any replacement classes.

    NOTE: TCA's academic week starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday.

  • What if I can't attend replacement within the same week?

    It is preferred that students attend replacement class within the same week. However, if they are unable to do so, replacement lessons may be planned in the weeks ahead or during the holiday periods. Students who will be overseas for more than a week may arrange replacement classes after their return.

  • Will lessons continue during the holidays?

    Lessons go on for 48 weeks of each calendar year. We are closed in the first and last two (2) weeks of each calendar year. Lessons will not be conducted on gazetted Public Holidays and will be replaced.

    Lessons carry on as per normal during School Holidays.

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Fees and Payment
  • Are fees paid per month?

    No. A minimum commitment of 12 weeks (one term) is expected from students who enroll into the course. Instalments are only allowed for enrolment of two (2) or more terms in a single invoice.

  • What are your fees?

    All monetary transactions will occur in Singapore Dollars (SGD) only. Course fees of $960.00 are collected on a per term basis.

    Fees may differ for students eligible for ongoing promotions. Kindly Contact Us or enquire with our Enrolment Officer at 92391121 to be notified of the latest promotions.

  • Are there additional fees?

    Yes. A Registration Fee of $70.00 is applicable per new enrolment. A Deposit of $100.00 is applicable per new enrolment; refundable with a 30-day advanced notice of withdrawal. All taxes included.

  • What are the modes of payment?

    Payment can be made via cash, NETS, cheque or bank transfer. Mobile payment methods such as PayNow and GrabPay are also accepted.

    No post-dated cheques are allowed. For bank transfers, Invoice No. must be included in transaction notes. If an ATM is used, please notify our Accounts Department or call 88095884 in order to trace your transaction.

  • How will i receive payment acknowledgement?

    Receipts are issued in softcopy via email in PDF format only – a conservation charge of $5.00 is levied for hard copy receipts.

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Develop Critical Thinking In Maths Problem-Solving

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Meet Singapore's

Best-Selling Math Author, Tutor and Critical Thinking Trainer

Terry Chew B.Sc. is the first author in Singapore to publish a Maths Olympiad workbook series since 2007. The series 'Unleash the Maths Olympian in You!' is still being used as the Gold-Standard across Southeast Asia today. He is also the author of 'Wicked Mathematics', the book includes challenging PSLE maths questions that help mainstream math students achieve an A*/AL1 for the PSLE by equipping them with essential problem-solving strategies and tools. His books are used internationally, including countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, China, Spain and the USA and are translated into over 3 languages. He also appears in international media due to his unique teaching methodology – The RA*CE Framework.

The Singapore Math curriculum places a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills as part of its 21st Century Core Competencies. Students must be able to make connections and think outside the box in order to be successful in school and in the workplace.

With a strong and proven critical thinking training process that is specifically targeted at mathematical problem-solving, TCA has become a highly acclaimed Singapore math tuition centre with its curriculum and teaching framework adopted in Asia, Europe and the USA. Thousands of TCA students in Singapore and overseas have achieved high distinctions in school examinations and international Math Olympiad competitions.

The RA*CE framework is integrated into our curriculum and focuses on strong concepts and critical thinking in mathematical problem-solving. Surpassing the average math tuition centre in Singapore, TCA has helped hundreds of students Secure an A*/AL1 for PSLE and achieve distinctions in prestigious Math Olympiad competitions.

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Why TCA for Math Tuition in Singapore?

Our Achievements

Since 2014, 95% of our students have achieved a 2-grade improvement in Mainstream Maths and at least 60% winning rate in Maths Olympiad.

The RA*CE Framework

The teaching methodology developed by Mr Terry Chew over 12 years of extensive research used to help our students maximise their results.

Specialist Coaches

Our coaches have more than 72 years of teaching and competition experience combined in helping students achieve top results for Maths.


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