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Lim Fang Yann :

I used to score 85 marks in Primary 4 and my grades dropped to 50 marks in Primary 5. I felt that math was difficult and I did not feel like practising.

While attending the Math Mastery course, I was taught concepts from topics like excess & shortage, area & perimeter and more. Some strategies to solve problems quickly and effectively were also taught. I found the lessons challenging but easy to understand.

By the end of the course, I feel much more confident in mathematics and started to love the subject. I am now striving to build up my critical thinking skills and score an A* in the school Exam!

Ara Cuares :

Before, I was really struggling with Geometry, and Arithmetic. I found it hard to understand and never really bothered learning things new.

During the Math Mastery Class, I have been taught Maths in an easier and more understandable way. And I realized that Geometry and Arithmetic wasn't really hard at all.

Now I feel much more comfortable answering questions and I have learned to calm down and be more careful with my answers. It really have made an impact on my learning skills.

Charlie Lim :

Before, I used a long way to do some math olympiad questions, which took a lot of time.

When the questions got harder and used bigger numbers, I was taking a long time to do the questions.

When I found this Maths Mastery Online Series, Coach Leo explained the question using critical thinking skills and his explanation was quicker and his explanation was clear.

After that, I could do questions much more quickly. I recommend that everybody can join the class.

Fong cl :

Before: I did not even know some critical thinking skills, such as the butterfly method.
During: I had learnt a lot of methods which can help me in my math Olympiad competitions.
After: I can answer all the questions in the exercises and past year papers. I think I am ready for all the competitions! Thank you Math Mastery Lesson and Coach Leo!

Ben Tran Anh Duy :

Before attending the class, I always made careless mistake in every math exams. Now that I attended the math mastery class, I learnt many effective strategies and tips which helps me less prone to careless mistakes. Now, I feel more confident taking my psle in August and September.


Before I joined the Math Mastery Lessons, I think Math is really easy. But in the course of th elessons, I realize that I still have a lot to learn because I find the lessons harder than I used to. After going through all your lessons, I now understand them specially the hard ones. I can now solve them. Thank you for offering this Math Mastery Lessons. They are of great help to me.

5 out of 5

Based on the opinion of 10 people

Ching Isberto:

Excellent coach! Able to simplify hard concepts for us to understand.

Before: I thought it was a regular math review of concepts that I already know.
During: I found myself learning new concepts that have not even been introduced yet in my school like algebra and circles.
After: I felt more confident in whatever comes my way in math competitions because I learned something new.

Lun N Yann:

I used to score 85 marks in Primary 4 and my grades dropped to 50 marks in Primary 5. I felt that math was difficult and I did not feel like practising.

While attending the Math Mastery course, I was taught concepts from topics like excess & shortage, area & perimeter and more. Some strategies to solve problems quickly and effectively were also taught. I found the lessons challenging but easy to understand.

By the end of the course, I feel much more confident in mathematics and started to love the subject. I am now striving to build up my critical thinking skills and score an A* in the school Exam!

Henry Wong:

Before the lesson, I kept scoring 85-90 marks. I lost the rest of the marks because I didn't know the tactics to solving the questions. But during the lesson, I learnt helpful tactics that I could apply to the tough questions. I also developed critical thinking skills. After the lesson, I could tackle the questions confidently with the tactics that I learnt. These lessons are really helpful!

Tan Lee Ngor:

Before that, my result is always just past. During the Terry Chew Academy, I started learning types of questions being solved one by one. After a few lessons, I was getting better and better, step by step to push my level up

Lim Jennifer:

Before TCA,there were still things that I don't understand in math. During TCA I learned some new techniques like Butterfly Method and others. After TCA, I gained more knowledge and skills on math. Worthwhile during the pandemic period, stay at home, stay safe. -Denise Chua

Tan Fabian:

Before I joined the Math Mastery classes, I was terrible at Area and Perimeter. During the classes, Coach Leo will teach us how to solve the questions. I am now better at Area and Perimeter because I joined the Math Mastery class with Coach Leo.

5 out of 5

Based on the opinion of 10 people

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Written Reviews

Got C in P6 SA2 but Scored A* for PSLE Math! :

Prakesh was doing well since young but had great difficulty with Section C of the math paper. He could not understand problem sums, especially those involving speed, ratio and percentage. Most of the time he would score between 80-85%. When he suddenly scored a C in SA2 during his P6 year, we were very worried he could not make it. At TCA, certain techniques from math olympiad were taught, which simplified the whole problem-solving process. In the preliminary exams, Prakesh scored an A and eventually achieved an A* for PSLE math, which a great relief to me! Thank you for your guidance.


Father of Prakesh Singh

Found Difficulty scoring B in P5 but got A* For PSLE! :

My girl was always weak in math but managed a B once in Primary 4. Since she promoted to Primary 5, B was always a few marks away. I enrolled her for the TCA course at the end of Primary 5 and was hoping she can at least improve to a high B or low A. During the course, she was taught to use ratio and model drawing. Somehow, her workings were shorter but she got the right answer. By the time we got to the mid-year exam, she had achieved a high B then went on to attain A* for PSLE math.

We are very thankful to all the coaches and hope they continue to work their magic for others who are in the same position we were in!

Victor Yang

Father of Ivy Yang

Top-tutor taught her hard questions but she still scored C! :

Our girl [Cheryl] has been scoring close to 100/100 from P1 to P4. In P5, her grades dropped to a B but we were lucky to have found a very good tutor who was a top school teacher. He gave Cheryl many tough questions because he believed in over- preparing his students. However, we were shocked to see a C grade in SA2 at the end of P5! 8 months of hard questions did nothing for Cheryl! When we entered TCA, Coach Jolie gauged her ability and started her off at Level 2 and slowly progressed to Level 3 then 4. Our girl scored A* consistently from CA1 to SA1 and eventually got A* for the PSLE as well!

Mr. and Mrs. Foo

Parents of Cheryl Foo

Won GOLD in the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad! :

Mario had always done well in school mathematics and we saw his potential from an early age. My husband and I started exposing him to Olympiad books and also spent time teaching him. Sooner or later, the level of difficulty surpassed our ability and we decided to send him for training with TCA. Within the first 3 months, Mario's concepts became much stronger and he was able to start solving problems with speed and accuracy! Our child represented the country in the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad and won the GOLD Medal! Thank you Coach for your guidance.

Werny and Darwin

Parents of Mario

My Son Did His Country Proud! Very Good Proud! :

My boy was performing better than his peers in school and his teacher suggested sending him for Math Olympiad classes to keep him challenged. During the training sessions, he was equipped with useful problem-solving strategies which were much more efficient than the typical methods of solving. After 6 months, he won a medal locally and was selected to take part in the global competition. We did not expect him to come back with the GOLD Medal!

My son underwent training with TCA and did his country proud. We are glad he picked up the skills needed to do well in the Olympiad!


Mother of Daniel

Scored A* within 3 months after filling gaps in concepts! :

Hui En is a very conscientious girl. She scored 96 - 100 marks for math all the way till Primary 3 and attributes that to consistent practice. She loved math and does many assessment books. There was no need for tuition. In Primary 4 her scores started dropping. However, she never recovered despite working even harder. I decided to send her for tuition consistently every week but she was still scoring B in Primary 5! After 3 months of joining TCA, she scored an A then an A*! Mr Chew helped her understand the concepts instead of practicing without real understanding. Thank you so much!

Ana Fong

Mother of Lim Hui En

Achieved A* only after 2 months of coaching! :

My daughter [Naomi] understands her math and has no problem solving the questions. However, she always brings home a B grade. Teacher said her workings are long so she spends too much time on Section C and usually leaves the last 1 or 2 pages blank! Her best friend is from TCA and showed her the shorter method for some topics but she could not understand the concept behind it and was not able to apply once the question changed. so we decided it was best to send her to TCA and let the coaches explain. After only 2 months, she achieved A* grade!

Mrs Osman

Mother of Naomi Osman

Trained to derive the answer on his own instead of memorising :

He [Harry] likes to ask for the answer straight away. Then he will memorise the steps and is able to handle most questions. However, when P5 came, he started doing badly. He even scored D twice! Harry did not like going to TCA at first because it was different from his previous tuition centre. Coach did not show the solution immediately but kept using self-construction to guide the students to the answer. But Coach Garry explained that we must not revert back to the old way of learning so we persevered. Gratefully, our efforts paid off, in SA1 his marks went from C to A*!

Mrs. Trahn

Mother of Harry Trahn

Critical Thinking Skills helped my girl get past the B-Barrier. :

My girl has always been average at math. She pays attention in class and is able to pick up the techniques teacher teach[es] in school. So she has no problem getting B consistently but has never gotten A or A*. Her [private] tutor said he taught her the method but once the question is changed, she will be confused. I was introduced to you [TCA] by my friend whose son was always scoring A*. After 5 months with TCA, she got her very first A* in CA1 [P6]! She now feels confident solving different types of problems no matter how they twist it. Very amazing result!

Yeo Hua Siang

Mother of Kim Lee

Cross-topic preparation was the crucial link in achieving A* :

Jameson has always been weak in mathematics. I have been sending him for tuition since Primary 3 so that he can maintain his results. it was usually C. Often when I look at his exam papers, I realise that he fails to [questions] because the topic was mixed with another topic and he may have been confused. I consulted his teacher but was told it is not compulsory to learn such questions and MOE does not disclose which topics are to be combined in math problems. Indeed, TCA explains how topics interact with each other so that the child is equipped with some tools and exposure before the exam. Jameson scored an A* in his PSLE Math thanks to you coaches!

Justin Tan

Father of Jameson Tan

Never thought critical thinking was so effective! :

When we moved to Singapore, Jorge was struggling to cope with the Primary 4 syllabus. We sent him to Learning Lab but by the time he completed his finals at the end of Primary 5, he was barely managing a C grade. The root cause of his bad grades was the unseen questions included in the examination. 3 months after we started him off with you [TCA], he was no longer struggling with the challenging segments. It is amazing how he could now think up creative approaches in solving these tricky sums. My boy got an A* in his PSLE! Kudos to your specialised curriculum and valuable guidance!

Yvette Davis

Mother of Jorge Yao

Coaches are very caring and spend extra time with him :

Jonathan was failing math since P3 despite going for two different tuition classes. By the time he was P5, he did not improve but his marks dropped! We were very desperate to get him the help he needs. His school teacher suggested we attend Terry Chew Academy as his crucial year was coming. At first, there still was no improvement after 3 months and we almost lost hope. However, during the SA2, he suddenly scored 62% and we were shocked! The coaches spent a lot of time and even called him back for additional classes with no extra charge. Their persistence and good teaching methods saved my boy. For the PSLE, he scored B! Thank God for TCA!"

Wendy Wu

Mother of Jonathan Chew

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