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At Terry Chew Academy, we understand the importance of providing your children with the best education possible. Mathematics plays a vital role in their academic development and overall cognitive growth. That's why choosing the right math enrichment programme for your child is crucial. Unleash your child’s potential and hone their mathematical skills with our math enrichment classes in Singapore.

Who Should Join Our Math Enrichment in Singapore?

At Terry Chew Academy, our math enrichment programme in Singapore caters to various groups of students. The students that will benefit from our programme are:

  1. Students enrolled in Primary 1 to 3 in local schools: Our programme is designed to supplement the math curriculum taught in primary schools, helping students build a strong foundation in mathematics and be eligible for GEP Selection.
  2. Primary students who want to prepare for the GEP Screening Test: The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) is a prestigious program that offers an enriched curriculum for exceptionally gifted students. Our math enrichment in Singapore provide specialised training to help students excel in the GEP Screening Test.
  3. Primary students seeking challenges and participating in math competitions: For students who crave intellectual stimulation and enjoy maths competitions, our math enrichment programme offers advanced topics and problem-solving techniques to enhance their skills and prepare them for such challenges.
  4. Students who want to learn strategies for problem-solving with speed and accuracy: Our experienced tutors focus on equipping students with efficient problem-solving strategies and tools, enabling them to tackle math problems with confidence and precision.
  5. Students who want to build a strong conceptual understanding of math topics: We employ innovative teaching methods in our math enrichment programme to ensure students develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical principles.
  6. Students who want to develop strong critical thinking skills: Our math enrichment programme nurtures students' critical thinking abilities through engaging math activities and thought-provoking exercises.
  7. Students who want to build up their interest in mathematics: We believe that cultivating a genuine interest in mathematics is key to long-term motivation and success. Our interactive and engaging math enrichment classes aim to foster a love for math and inspire students to explore its beauty.

Benefits of Math Enrichment in Singapore

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

Our math enrichment in Singapore focuses on developing problem-solving skills. Through a robust curriculum geared towards helping students master math concepts and techniques, students learn to approach complex situations with creativity and analytical thinking. They gain the ability to break down problems, identify relevant information, and devise effective strategies to find solutions.

Develop Conceptual Understanding of Math Topics

We believe that a strong conceptual understanding is the foundation of mathematical competence. Our tutors employ effective teaching methods, including visual aids, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions, to help students grasp abstract concepts and make meaningful connections between different math topics.

Build Strong Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a vital skill that extends beyond mathematics. Our math enrichment programme fosters critical thinking by encouraging students to analyse problems from multiple perspectives, evaluate information critically, and make informed decisions. These skills will empower students to excel not only in math but also in other academic subjects and real-life situations.

Foster Interest in Mathematics

Our math enrichment programme is designed to make learning math enjoyable and engaging. By incorporating games, puzzles, and real-life examples, we captivate students' interest and show them the relevance of math in everyday life. This approach helps students develop a positive attitude towards mathematics, leading to increased motivation and improved learning outcomes.

Preparation for the GEP Screening Test

For students aiming to enter the GEP in Singapore, our programme offers specialised training to prepare them for the GEP Screening Test. Our experienced math enrichment tutors provide comprehensive coverage of the latest test syllabus and equip students with the competence and knowledge necessary to excel in the GEP test.

Participation in Math Olympiad Competitions

Our math enrichment programme prepares students for various math olympiad competitions in Singapore by exposing them to advanced math topics and training them in problem-solving techniques. Participating in math competitions helps students develop resilience, enhance their mathematical abilities, and gain recognition for their achievements.

Strategies for Problem-Solving with Speed and Accuracy

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is key. Our math enrichment programme will equip students with strategies for problem-solving with speed and accuracy. By introducing time-saving techniques and practicing under time constraints, students develop the ability to solve math problems efficiently without compromising accuracy.

Join TCA for GEP Preparation Today

As parents, we all want to see our children succeed and reach their full potential. In Singapore, education is highly valued, and parents often seek out opportunities to give their children the best possible start in life. One area that has gained popularity in recent years is math enrichment and GEP preparation. These programs are designed to challenge and stretch the abilities of academically gifted students, helping them to develop advanced problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of mathematics.

Choosing the right math enrichment programme for your child is a significant decision that can shape their academic journey. At Terry Chew Academy, we offer a comprehensive programme that caters to the needs of primary school students. Our programme enhances problem-solving skills, develops conceptual understanding, fosters critical thinking, and ignites a passion for mathematics.

Terry Chew Academy has helped hundreds of students achieve the results they want and many of them went on to enter top schools such as Raffles Institution, ACS(I), NUS High School of Maths and Science, Nanyang Girls' High School and Hwa Chong Institution. We have maintained an overall 40% GEP acceptance rate with 100% of our Primary 3 students clearing Round 1 GEP Screening in 2018.

Join us in providing your child with the best math enrichment in Singapore!

The RA*CE Framework

Mr Terry Chew's strong and proven teaching methodology has helped many students enter top schools and enter GEP, so will be your child.

gep preparation | roadmap to A


Roadmap to A*/AL1

TCA's roadmap features a structured plan to build competence and confidence in your child through our Math enrichment sessions. First, our math enrichment tutors identify the student's conceptual gaps and weaknesses. Then, a personalised roadmap is created to help your child to plug the gaps by clarifying concepts. Student progress is recorded each lesson to ensure they are on track to achieving the results they want.

math enrichment | critical thinking


Critical Thinking

Our math enrichment tutors are specially trained to help students develop Critical Thinking in Mathematical Problem-Solving. A research-backed training process is used, which is pertinent to MOE's 21st Century Core Competencies - with its focus on making connections and thinking outside the box. Through our Math enrichment, students are trained to face increasingly tricky and complex cross-topic and unseen GEP problems that have been appearing since 2014.

math enrichment singapore | exam mastery


Exam Mastery

Through our Math enrichment, TCA has developed simple but powerful tools to help students solve GEP problem sums faster and more accurately. Our students are equipped with 28 problem-solving strategies and tools throughout their GEP preparation training. This will not only enable them to simplify complicated problems but also make them less prone to careless mistakes. To ensure that students are fully prepared for the GEP selection, we conduct Exam Simulation and Peak Performance Training to help them be less nervous as well as to perform well during stressful exam situations.

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