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TCA believes that continually innovating, challenging and redefining the boundaries of education in Mathematics is the best way to benefit our students and stay ahead of the latest examination and competition trends. Poised for rapid growth across Asia, we are inviting individuals who are top performers in their field and who share our vision to join us.

Through interactions, participation and partnerships across 18 countries as the main organiser of the Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad there would be many opportunities amongst Coaches to bring innovations and developments to greater heights, and achieve even greater success. TCA creates a powerful ecosystem where Coaches and Students alike can harness the benefits of the network effect at TCA.

Here's what to expect after submitting your applicaton:

Once shortlisted, Coaches will receive a 6-week 'Train-the-Trainer' course conducted by Mr Terry Chew. You will be equipped with effective teaching strategies and tools in accordance with our strong and proven RA*CE Framework, which has helped hundreds of students achieve the results they want. Upon completing your training, you will undergo a 3-month Apprenticeship Programme and be MOE Registered before teaching classes.

With the support of our Student Development Department and our detailed Progress Tracking protocols, Coaches are expected to maintain a KPI of at least 95% 2-grade improvement for Mainstream Maths and at least 60% winning rate for Maths Olympiad.

Our Core Values


With the ever-changing examination and competition landscape, TCA Coaches finds new, creative ways to help their students maintain an edge over their peers.


TCA Coaches gain in-depth knowledge of their students through our detailed Progress Tracking protocol to keep them on track to getting the results they want.


Since 2014, TCA has helped hundreds of students make their mark on the international stage. TCA Coaches are motivated to do whatever it takes to win!

Mr Terry Chew BSc. is the coach and author of the celebrated series ‘Maths Olympiad – Unleash The Maths Olympian in You!’ and ‘Wicked Mathematics’. His strong and proven critical thinking teaching methodology is used in maths tuition classes in Singapore for students aged 7 to 18.

Having done extensive research in the field of critical problem solving, mathematical logic and competition question setting, Terry has created the RA*CE framework which has helped TCA students consistently achieve A* in PSLE and/or Platinum and Gold awards in prestigious Southeast Asian and Global math competitions. He appears in international media due to his powerful teaching methodology and his books are used in more than 8 countries.

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