Maths Olympiad: 3 Reasons to Supplement Your School's MO Training

Maths Olympiad: 3 Reasons to Supplement Your School's MO Training

Why you need external maths olympiad training | Terry Chew Academy

The International Maths Olympiads are intensive maths problem-solving competitions, with maths problems specially designed to explore various topics and strategies in maths that are not offered in classroom settings. The Maths Olympiad challenges young minds and encourages them to value intellectual pursuits.

Maths Olympiad style questions usually require students to think out of the box and apply Maths concepts in creative ways to solve the problems, and require specialised training to prepare for the intensive but also intensely fun competition.

If you've just gotten into the Maths Olympiad programme, or are hoping to join it, but are unsure of what you're getting yourself into, this article is for you! We'll look at why it's a great idea, and also at what you might need to do your best in the competition, both for yourself and for your school.

Benefits of Maths Olympiad

1. Greater Mastery of Maths Concepts

Since Maths Olympiad is designed to challenge and stimulate the olympians' minds, those who practice the craft would have an easier time grasping math concepts in general. With a stronger understanding of maths concepts, they may do better and attain better results in school.

2. Advantage in GEP Entrance Exams and Direct School Admission

3 Reasons why School Training for Maths Olympiad May Not Be Enough | Terry Chew Academy

Maths Olympiad skills can come in handy when trying for the Gifted Programme in Singapore, as the entrance exam features unconventional maths questions that someone with a habit of creative mathematical thinking (like a trained Maths Olympiad competitor) would find easier to parse.

Maths Olympiad skills can also give an advantage when applying for schools in Singapore through the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise. DSA applicants are usually asked to sit for academic aptitude tests to evaluate their suitability. Having participated in a Maths Olympiad competition definitely adds something valuable to the DSA portfolio and may even earn you enough brownie points to score an interview with the school leaders.

3. Advantage in university admission for maths-related courses

Maths Olympiad can give university applicants a boost and add something interesting to their application, especially when applying for overseas universities where spots are limited. With Maths Olympiad in your application, you will naturally stand out from the sea of applicants who only showcase their school academic pursuits.

How To Get Into Maths Olympiad

Maths Olympiad is a rather prestigious programme whereby only a handful is able to successfully enter and compete in the competition. Every year, there are many students eyeing and preparing to get into the Maths Olympiad so you are essentially in tough competition.

1. Demonstrate natural Maths aptitude coupled with interest

The Maths Olympiad favours students who demonstrate both a natural aptitude for, and interest in, Maths as a subject. Students who demonstrate such qualities usually stand out among their peers and are more likely to be chosen for Maths Olympiad.

Preparing early with Maths Olympiad training

Given the nature of the Maths Olympiad competition, frequent and intensive training is required in order to gain an upper hand over fellow competitors. Maths is a subject that requires ample practise and a strong grasp of the concepts so preparing early with Maths Olympiad training gives students additional time to familiarise and apply the maths concepts to as many questions as possible.

Why You May Need More Than School Maths Olympiad Training

1. An Additional Training Advantage

You may think that investing in external Maths Olympiad training is not necessary since schools already provide such training. However, the training that schools provide may not be frequent and intensive enough for students to be competition ready.

The Maths Olympiad requires extensive training which should not be compromised in any shape or form. Hence, having more training outside of school is important to gear the student to reach a level that is Maths Olympiad ready.

2. Teachers with Maths Olympiad Experience

Why you may need more than school maths olympiad training | Terry Chew Academy

By nature of their unconventional approach and deliberate departure from mainstream Maths applications, Maths Olympiad questions are best taught by trainers or past competitors themselves.

Teachers familiar with the Olympiad problem-solving mindset will adopt solutions and approaches which are nimble or agile, instead of rely on conventional maths approaches. Hence, an experienced teacher is pivotal to MO learning.

3. A More Creative Environment

Different students learn differently, and require different environments. For example, some study better with music, while others study better silence. Likewise, some may learn better in a classroom setting, while others may learn better outside of school.

Going for Maths Olympiad training outside of school helps you unlock new potentials to learn by varying the environment and synergies between you, a different trainer, and different peers, helping you unlock the maverick creative thinking that builds on what you learn in school training.

How To Get The Training You Need For An Edge

At Terry Chew Academy, our trainers are well trained and they are masters of the Maths Olympiad language. Let our trainers equip you with the tools you need to unleash your fullest potential and have the best shot at winning the Maths Olympiad.

TCA Maths Olympiad training is never dull because you get to interact and train along with your friends and peers who are as driven as you are to win the Maths Olympiad competition. We inject a little fun and excitement to keep the competitive spirit up and fuel the passion. So come join us and get the Maths Olympiad training you need today!

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