Mastering Math Olympiad in Singapore: A Pathway to Success

Mastering Math Olympiad in Singapore: A Pathway to Success

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What is Math Olympiad?

A Math Olympiad is a competition for students that emphasises problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning beyond what is typically covered in standard school curriculum. Math Olympiad competitions aim to foster interest and excellence in mathematics among young students and to provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.

The problems in Math Olympiads are often non-standard and require creative thinking, deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and the ability to apply different problem-solving techniques. Participants are challenged with problems that may not have straightforward solutions and often involve multiple steps or require insight into advanced mathematical topics.


Why Should Your Child Join Maths Olympiad?

Encouraging your child to participate in Maths Olympiad in Singapore offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it nurtures critical thinking skills and enhances problem-solving abilities, empowering them to approach challenges with confidence and creativity. Through engaging with complex mathematical problems, students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, fostering a love for learning and exploration.

Maths Olympiad serves as a platform for academically driven students to connect with like-minded peers who share their passion for mathematics. This collaborative environment encourages teamwork, communication, and the exchange of ideas, enriching their overall educational experience.

Furthermore, success in Maths Olympiad can pave the way for various opportunities, including scholarships, academic distinctions, and recognition. By demonstrating their proficiency and dedication in Math Olympiad competitions, students can distinguish themselves and unlock pathways to further academic and professional achievements.


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What's Covered in Singapore Math Olympiad Courses?

Singapore Math Olympiad courses provide students with a platform to excel in both local and international Math Olympiad Competitions, enriching their skills and bolstering their DSA-Secondary portfolios.

Key Learning Areas Include:

  • Logical Reasoning: Students develop the ability to analyse information and make logical deductions to solve problems. They learn to identify patterns, make connections between different concepts, and draw conclusions based on evidence and reasoning.

  • Systematic Deduction: This involves breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts and applying systematic approaches to derive solutions. Students learn to organise their thoughts and steps logically, ensuring a methodical approach to problem-solving.

  • Pattern Spotting: Students are trained to recognise recurring patterns and structures within mathematical problems. This skill enables them to identify underlying principles and apply them to solve similar problems efficiently.

  • Combinatorics: Combinatorics deals with counting, arranging, and organising objects or elements. Students learn various techniques such as permutations, combinations, and binomial coefficients to solve problems related to arrangements and selections.

  • Probability: Probability is the study of uncertainty and randomness. Students learn to analyse situations involving uncertain outcomes and calculate the likelihood of different events occurring. This skill is essential for making informed decisions and solving problems in various real-world contexts.

  • Number Theory: Number theory focuses on the properties and relationships of integers. Students explore concepts such as prime numbers, divisibility, modular arithmetic, and number patterns. This branch of mathematics provides a foundation for understanding deeper mathematical structures and concepts.

  • Geometry: Geometry involves the study of shapes, sizes, and properties of objects in space. Students learn geometric principles, theorems, and techniques to analyse and solve problems related to angles, lines, polygons, and three-dimensional figures.

  • Visualisation Skills: Visualisation skills enable students to mentally manipulate and perceive geometric objects and spatial relationships. They learn to visualise geometric figures, transformations, and configurations, which aids in problem-solving and understanding abstract concepts in mathematics.


Math Olympiad Training with Terry Chew Academy

Track Record

Led by Mr. Terry Chew B.Sc, our program boasts the first-ever published Math Olympiad workbook series in Singapore, 'Unleash the Maths Olympian in You!' Since 2007, this series has set the gold standard across Southeast Asia. We've guided countless students to success, with many entering prestigious schools like Raffles Institution, ACS(I), and NUS High School of Maths and Science. Over 60% of our students have won GOLD or SILVER medals in renowned Math Olympiad Competitions.

Robust Curriculum

Mr. Terry Chew's extensive experience and research have shaped our curriculum, focused on mastering concepts and techniques vital for excelling in Math Olympiad competitions. Updated annually, it incorporates new question styles and problem-solving strategies to align with evolving competition trends. Our comprehensive and engaging Math Olympiad course builds competence and confidence in mathematical problem-solving, catering to both enrichment and competition needs.

Training Process

Our Teaching Framework, devised by Mr. Terry Chew, prioritises Critical Thinking Skills and interconnections between topics to tackle complex competition problems effectively. As Math Olympiad specialists, we establish a strong conceptual foundation and equip students with speed and accuracy-enhancing strategies and tools.

Specialist Coaches

Hand-picked by Mr. Terry Chew, our coaches undergo intensive 'Train-the-Trainer' courses to master the most effective coaching techniques. They're specialists in mathematics, ensuring your child is competition-ready.


Give Your Child a Head Start

Terry Chew Academy stands proudly at the forefront of the Math Olympiad landscape, championing interactive learning through our unique and proven methodology—the RA*CE framework. Our interactive sessions, coupled with an unwavering focus on nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, aim not only to prepare students for success in examinations but to instil in them a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics.

Contact us for a free consultation here. Together, let's unlock your child’s full potential and pave the way for their success in Math Olympiad in Singapore.








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