Gifted Education Programme (GEP)

Gifted Education Programme (GEP)

Are you preparing your child for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP)? Discover how Mathematics Olympiad Course in one of the top tuition centres can help your child succeed in the selection process and get into the GEP.

What is Gifted Education Programme (GEP)?

The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) is a programme that seeks to identify intellectually gifted students over a two-stage exercise in Primary 3. The students will be invited to commence their participation in the programme in Primary 4.

Although the GEP curriculum will include content areas from the mainstream primary school curriculum, it is further enriched and extended to match the learning aptitudes of gifted students. The aim of this programme is to cultivate skills such as independent inquiry and self-explorations in areas of selected interest.

You can read more about the goals of the Gifted Education Programme on MOE’s website.

The GEP enrichment model by MOE focuses on enriching learning rather than accelerated learning. These are supported by the four pillars of content enrichment, process enrichment, product enrichment and learning environment.


How early should you prepare your child to enter Gifted Education Programme (GEP)?


With the program's distinguished reputation, the selection process is undoubtedly challenging with two rounds of stringent assessments. It is a comprehensive and multi-faceted selection process that evaluates academic aptitude in both English and Mathematics as well as skills such as problem-solving and critical reading skills. Given the difficulty involved in qualifying for the Gifted Education Programme, it is ideal to give your child a head start and begin preparing as early as kindergarten such that he or she can excel in the assessment."


How to boost your child's chance to enter Gifted Education Programme (GEP)?


To increase your child's chances of being accepted into the GEP, the best strategy would be to progressively nurture your child to thrive academically. As one of the GEP's core focus areas is mathematics, with questions that demand a high level of problem-solving skills, it is crucial to gradually expose your child to increasingly complex mathematical questions. This ensures that he or she is familiar with a multitude of questions and has the best possible chance of succeeding on the assessments.


An example is encouraging your child to attend and participate in the Mathematics Olympiad examination through top tuition centres. Kickstarting your child's Mathematics Olympiad preparation from as early as kindergarten allows him or her to develop a love for the subject and establish a solid foundation from a young age. This subsequently gives your child a significant advantage over other students while taking the P3 GEP selection test. If your child has already encountered Mathematics Olympiad questions and is able to handle them comfortably while demonstrating critical thinking, they are very highly to perform well on the GEP Mathematics Selection test.



How can TCA help with Gifted Education Programme (GEP) preparations


There is no simple answer to this. MOE states that ‘Test preparation activities are not encouraged as these could inflate the scores, which may then not reflect your child’s actual potential’. Additional preparation for the GEP selection may add unnecessary stress to your child’s current school workload.

At Terry Chew Academy, we take pride in being one of Singapore's top tuition centres and the best equipped to meet your child's academic needs. TCA does not conduct GEP Maths preparation courses per se but we highly recommend students to sign up for our Maths Olympiad Course available at Junior, Beginner and Intermediate levels to maximise their learning aptitude and abilities. With our proven expertise in helping numerous students qualify for GEP through our carefully designed classes, we believe that we can exponentially boost your child's chances of being chosen for GEP.

Students will attend weekly lessons which cover essential concepts, strategies and critical thinking training techniques developed by Mr Terry Chew to solve complex math problems.

You can also choose to enroll your child in the Intensive Holiday Revision Programme to consolidate and reinforce their learning. In this programme, students will undergo Competition Stimulation and Peak Performance Training to help them perform in stressful environments. You can read more about this at

If you think your child is gifted and wish to help realise his or her potential, TCA offers Math Olympiad Training for students who want to get ready for GEP selection and Math Olympiad Competitions. TCA has the best academic and Maths Olympiad training courses taught by proficient tutors. Discover your child’s Maths prowess and enroll with us today!


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