Why PSLE is Increasingly Challenging

Why PSLE is Increasingly Challenging

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Will PSLE math questions become more challenging?

Short answer - yes. Here is how your child can prepare for PSLE math questions that require critical thinking. Before answering that, understanding why PSLE papers or specifically, PSLE math questions, have become more challenging would help in identifying the strategies needed to answer them confidently. Despite the changes in the new PSLE 2021 scoring system, global trends too have influenced the type of questions seen in PSLE.

New 2021 Scoring System

Under the new scoring system of Achievement Levels (AL), each student will be evaluated according to their own performance. This is a switch from a bell curve grading system where students are scored based on how the majority of the cohort performs.

The advantage of the AL system provides the student and their parents greater clarity in measuring the student's progress. This emphasises how well a student has learnt, rather than how well they have done compared to others.

However, the likelihood of achieving an overall PSLE score of 4 is not easy. It becomes challenging for students to achieve a higher tier as the banding is drastically narrowed at the top.

This higher tiers of ALs requires students to solve questions that need higher-order thinking skills. These questions are now appearing in the PSLE more frequently, and tend to carry a higher mark weightage.

What does this mean for your child? Old ways of learning can only get them so far. To excel in a subject, they now have to demonstrate greater conceptual mastery in order to earn a higher tier in the AL system.

psle math questions

Global Trends

The current trend in education is on critical thinking. Seeing that this trend is here to stay, we should not expect PSLE papers to become 'easier'.

Secondly, as the world rapidly evolves into an information-based society, students are now able to access knowledge at their fingertips. Thirty years ago, the main source of information and knowledge came from books, encyclopedias and teachers. As students acquire knowledge at a breakneck speed, exams all over the world may have to evolve to match the greater ability of these students.

Lastly, Singapore prides itself on the education of its people. With children attending pre-school at a younger age, it makes sense that assessment standards should match the increasing ability of the younger generations.


How TCA Can Help You to Ace in PSLE Mathematics

The rise in critical thinking PSLE math questions require more than just rote learning. Students need the skills and tools to tackle these questions.

Furthermore, laying a solid foundation for Primary school maths is crucial in ensuring that students can go on to excel not just in upper-level maths, but in topics that are related to maths as well, such as the sciences, economics, and so on.

At TCA, our programme builds students' critical thinking skills - enabling them to approach and tackle all kinds of math questions. We also teach them techniques to help them manage their time during examinations, eg, PSLE.

We have seen positive impacts on students who have gained a strong conceptual understanding of Maths. Through our PSLE maths programme, they have become more confident in each topic and in solving their maths problems.

TCA curriculum is designed to build and strengthen students' math proficiencies and develop maths foundations for discovering higher-level concepts in secondary school and beyond. Our programme is infused with non-routine PSLE math questions where our students exercise their critical thinking skills. This exposure gives them an edge over their peers, and to better prepare for examinations.

We are proud to share that 95% of our students have achieved a 2-grade improvement in mainstream Maths. So if you are looking for that two grade improvement or to attain AL1-2, we have the resources to help achieve the results that you and your child are aiming for.

Get started with a trial lesson to assess your child's math competency and be part of the PSLE Math programme. Our programme is structured with Singapore MOE's 21st Century Core Competencies; placing a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and making connections between different math topics to solve non-routine problem sums.

Be ready to achieve PSLE success, get in touch with us at hello@terrychew.com.sg, or call/whatsapp us at 8809 5884 to enquire about our classes today!

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