What Makes Math the Best Subject

What Makes Math the Best Subject

Learning math can be both beneficial and important, especially in current STEM education requirements. In school, math may be considered one of the most challenging subjects. As a result, students only see Math as just a subject they need to pass or get a decent grade, in order to complete their education. Eventually, many may discover the joy of math later in life and continue to pursue a mathematics degree.

So what exactly makes math the best subject when a select few decide to dedicate their entire lives to studying and researching it or even pursuing careers in Math? Here are some reasons that make math a subject that is not only vital to daily life but a joy when it is appreciated:

1. Math keeps you engaged

There are always solutions to problems, and in math, often there are many ways to solve a question. Your brain is always trying to solve equations through a variety of methods, looking for the most efficient way to do it. It can be so engaging that you may find yourself wide awake after solving a few math equations. Math always keeps your brain working which helps to keep you fully engaged in your learning. Plus there are a variety of number games like 2048 and Sudoku that help in improving brain activity. An engaged mind is a healthy mind.

2. Math gives you access to a whole new language

Math uses numbers, equations, and symbols that each have some sort of meaning or represent a problem that needs to be solved. If you hear someone talk about math, it often sounds like they are speaking another language! When you are learning math, you need to decode what certain symbols or numbers mean in the context of the problem. Sometimes, understanding formulas and when to use them can resemble how grammar functions in English. There are certain rules that you can't break in math unless given in certain situations just like with grammar.

3. It is easy to be good in it - all it takes is practice.

Practice makes perfect, which is also what makes people dislike math as it requires a lot of effort to excel in it. Looking at it in another lens, it is similar to learning a new instrument or a new sport. Anyone playing an instrument requires a lot of practice regardless of how skilled you are. Math requires work and devotion just like any other subject. You can't simply take a test in math without practicing using the concepts on the test first.

4. Math has real world implications

As you get older, you find yourself using math in everyday life. Even if you are not planning on choosing a career related to math, you are using math for a lot of things: paying bills, going shopping, or cooking. This is one of the reasons why math is such an important subject, and with more jobs requiring math, it's become critical in all aspects of life.

5. It uses cognitive thinking

Math requires you to think about thinking. Math requires you to understand what problem you are trying to solve and how you solve a problem. It also requires you to think about how the way you solved the problem makes sense. It's one of the reasons why math can be very challenging. It requires you to sometimes go beyond memorization or basic understanding to truly understand the context of solving a problem and finding the solution. This is how math develops creative thinking skills.

6. Is it fun?

These days, math can be taught using more fun or engaging activities. Students would have races of who could solve an equation the fastest on the whiteboard in front of the class. When you use math, you find that always being given a new challenge every day can be a fun way of learning!

7. Challenge to set new limits

Just because it's challenging it shouldn't discourage you from trying. When you take a math course, you know that it may not be easy, but it will challenge you to use a different way of thinking. It pushes you to new limits which can help you expand your learning and thinking. When you challenge yourself, your brain makes new neural connections. With constant practice, it strengthens new neural pathways. Making you more adaptable to challenges.

8. Train your brain to work faster

Mental sums are important as thinking quickly helps your brain to think on its feet. You may have noticed that once you have learned mental math, you are able to solve problems faster than you knew you were capable of. Math helps your brain understand how to look at the problem and find the solution faster, which can help with everyday life when you're presented with a real-life problem.


These are just some reasons why math is one of the best subjects! People often don't enjoy math because they don't fully understand its benefits. In a world where math is becoming more vital, it's important that students begin to enjoy math and how it is used in everyday life.

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