Is Secondary Math Tuition Necessary

Is Secondary Math Tuition Necessary

When is it Time to Consider Math Tuition for Secondary School?

Math is seen as one of the most important subjects that ensures a child's success in the future. However, with the change in the educational model and jump from PSLE Math to Secondary School Math, some children may not be able to keep up with it. At the Secondary School level, the demands are higher and topics that were once familiar like volume and speed, now take on a different approach. All these differences make the subject in Secondary 1 daunting to students. That plus the pressure of adjusting to a new school structure may pull their attention in every direction. This makes it tough to adjust to a new curriculum too. Despite all these challenges, it does not need to be this way.

What makes Secondary School Math Difficult?

PSLE Math focuses on building the foundation. You learn addition, subtraction, time, and other simple formulas. Secondary School Math builds on that foundation. Word problems get trickier and it is common to be able to understand how to combine different math concepts to solve a single problem. If your child's PSLE math foundation is shaky, they might need extra help to revise through old concepts and grasp new concepts taught during their Secondary 1 math classes.

Now we know why some students might find math at the Secondary School level a little difficult, would they need math tuition? With effort and discipline, some students find that they are able to catch up on their own. However, if your child faces these issues, it might be time to consider finding them a math tutor.

1. Different teaching techniques

Just like the children entering secondary school, Secondary 1 teachers are not familiar with the methodology used in teaching Primary level math. They might not be aware of the level of math skill being acquired at the PSLE level.

This expectation gap between the students and teachers can be significant. At Secondary 1, the teachers assume that the students possess all the necessary skills that would be required for them to grasp all the topics discussed in class.

If your child gets confused and finds it difficult to understand Secondary 1 math, they are at the risk of losing focus or interest in math. If your child seems to struggle in following the lesson plan after a few weeks, it might be useful to get a math tutor. Going for math tuition gives them the added boost they need to bridge the gap between what they learned for PSLE and how it applies at the Secondary School level.

2. Parents unable to provide extra help in Secondary math

With hectic schedules, parents find it tough to balance work and family time. With such little down time, there aren't enough hours in the day to bond with their kids and help them with their homework.

Another reason parents might not be able to provide help in math is because of the ever changing syllabus. Secondary school math these days is tougher to solve. Thanks to a more competitive international level and future workforce demands, the curriculum needs to equip students with the skills to prepare them for it. Math questions might contain topics that parents might not be familiar with - geometry, inequalities, algebraic equations, etc.

Engaging a math tutor would be beneficial in this case. Not only do they have updated knowledge on the most recent syllabus, they have the time to coach your child in math. They are able to explain concepts, guide them, and pick out ways to help them excel in math. With a math tutor, they would be able to help your child and boost your child’s confidence in tackling Secondary school math.

3. Students seem discouraged when compared to doing math at the PSLE level

Your child may have enjoyed PSLE Math and excelled in the topic. But their grades may not necessarily correlate with secondary school math scores. Secondary math exposes students to new concepts and pushes them to develop new skills. If your child feels discouraged, they may need extra help to keep them focused and to get guidance in a timely manner.

With an experienced math tutor, they can get the support they need to stay positive and motivated to improve their math abilities. As they get the right help they need, they may begin to redevelop their interest in the subject again.

Whether it is math at the PSLE level or at the Secondary 1 level, it gets easier when students find it fun. While math topics in Secondary school can be challenging, with the right approach, students can be motivated to see the positives in math. Thus achieving better grades and success in the subject!

While there is ample time to prepare for the exam, there are a few things you and your child can do in the meantime to build momentum and a strong foundation.

If you notice your child is having difficulties in keeping up with the math curriculum, talk to an experienced math tutor to see how they can help. Perhaps a group class would serve them better where they can learn from their peers? Looking for a math tutor or a suitable math tuition centre?

How TCA Can Help Your Child Excel in Mathematics

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