How to prepare for O Level E Math, A Math and PSLE papers?

How to prepare for O Level E Math, A Math and PSLE papers?

Is your child struggling with their mathematics papers? Here are a few tips your child can use to better prepare for the big examination day and perform better with the help of our tutors. Terry Chew Academy has qualified tutors for secondary maths (O Level E Math, O Level A Math) and primary maths to provide support for your child.

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How to Prepare Your Child for Mathematics Examinations

As your child progresses through academic milestones, he or she will sit for mathematics examinations in the form of O Level E Math, O Level A Math, and PSLE Mathematics. If your child is struggling in mathematics, continue reading to see how Terry Chew Academy can help your child excel.

What is O Level E Math?

O Level E Math stands for Elementary Mathematics, a subject that provides students with fundamental mathematical knowledge. As it is commonly chosen for JC and polytechnic entry, it is considered a crucial subject. If your child does not understand O Level E Math well, it might be difficult for them to keep up with their peers.

Topics Covered in O Level E Math

1. Number and Algebra
1.1 Numbers and their operations
1.2 Ratio and proportion
1.3 Percentage
1.4 Ratio and speed
1.5 Algebraic expressions and formulae
1.6 Functions and graphs
1.7 Equations and inequalities
1.8 Set language and notation
1.9 Matrices
1.10 Problems in real-word context

2. Geometry and measurement
2.1 Angles, triangles and polygons
2.2 Congruence and similarity
2.3 Properties of circles
2.4 Pythagoras’s theorem and trigonometry
2.5 Mensuration
2.6 Coordinate geometry
2.7 Vectors in two dimensions
2.8 Problems in real-world contexts

3. Statistics and probability
3.1 Data analysis
3.2 Probability

Objectives of O Level E Math

  • Help students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills
  • Help students to develop thinking, reasoning, and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach
  • Help students to connect intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary ideas through the application of mathematics
  • Help students develop confidence and an interest in mathematics


What is O Level A Math?

O Level A Math refers to Additional Mathematics, a subject in secondary school mathematics that exposes students to more challenging mathematical concepts and prepares them for H2 mathematics in JC or advanced mathematics in certain polytechnic modules. It is important to note that O Level A Math is optional while O Level E Math is compulsory.


What is PSLE?

Before continuing to secondary school, Primary 6 students sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). In PSLE Mathematics, students learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills.


Common Struggles & Mistakes Made By Students

As mathematics can be difficult to grasp, it is common for students to make mistakes. These include:

  1. Misinterpreting the question
  2. Calculative errors
  3. Forgetting mathematical formulas
  4. Weak foundation


Tips To Overcome Common Mistakes during O Level E Math, A Math and PSLE

Under the right guidance, students can avoid making common mistakes during O Level E Math, A Math or PSLE exams. Below are some pointers:

  • Build a strong foundation

Building a strong foundation that is not solely based on memorisation is crucial. Rest assured that your child will be on track to establishing a solid foundation at Terry Chew Academy, where tutors will guide students through applying the concepts into practice.

  • Do not cram

Prior to any examination, do not cram at the last minute. Doing so is counterproductive because it reduces sleep, negatively impacting concentration and performance.

  • Take notes for weaker topics

It is important to ensure that your child understands their mistakes and continuously tests himself or herself.

  • Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics is a great learning technique that aids in information retention. An example is "TOA CAH SOH", a mnemonic for trigonometric functions in O Level E Math.

  • Practice Ten-Year Series (TYS)

Self-practice using the TYS is beneficial if your child is aware of the areas that require improvement.

However, it might be unproductive if your child's foundation in O Level E Math is weak. In this case, O Level Maths tuition at Terry Chew Academy can help your child master the topics so that self-practice can be more effective.

How TCA Can Help Your Child Excel in O Level E Math, A Math and PSLE Mathematics

The best time to prepare your child for examinations is now. Be it for O Level E Math, A Math, or PSLE Mathematics, students must keep up with the mathematics curriculum and remain examination-ready. As Mathematics is a subject that needs constant practice, it's never too early to start your child's with mathematics exam topics.

At Terry Chew Academy, we are proud to be one of the best Singapore math tuition providers, offering programs from Primary 4 through Secondary 4. Our mathematics tutors are knowledgeable about the latest mathematics concepts and will be able to help your child and boost your child's confidence in mathematics. If your child is struggling to understand the curriculum by themselves and performing poorly, book an appointment with us to find out how we can bridge the gaps and unlock their potential.




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