6 Ways Preschool Maths Olympiad Training Prepares Your Child for Excellence

6 Ways Preschool Maths Olympiad Training Prepares Your Child for Excellence

As parents, it's only natural that you want the best for your child--for them to do well in school, to have a bright future, to outdo or at least be on par with their peers. Small wonder, then, that we try every way to give them an edge in life; from sending them for music classes to encouraging them to try for the Maths Olympiad competition in school.

To give your child a headstart in life, though, experts all agree that one thing is crucial: to start young. That's why so many parents in Singapore send their young ones for Preschool Maths Olympiad training programmes.

What is Preschool Maths Olympiad Training, Exactly?

You may have heard of Maths Olympiads: prestigious, intense national and international competitions meant to test creative mathematical thinking and flexible understanding of core mathematical concepts.

However, Preschool Maths Olympiad training doesn't mean stressful competition. Preschool Maths Olympiad training programmes are simply a fun and challenging way to introduce young children to the delights of Maths by stretching their understanding the same way Maths Olympiad competition training does. Such training has been proven to lay a strong foundation both for their academic success in school, and ultimately, their career success in future.

How Preschool Maths Training Prepares Your Child for Excellence
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1. It creates the proven preconditions for later success

Starting Maths early in life is just as important as picking up reading skills at a young age. According to Northwestern University researcher Greg Duncan, Preschool Maths skills have the greatest predictor of a child's future academic success among other skills such as reading and attention skills.

Preschool is a precious time in your child's development, which is why it is important to start early. What a child learns and absorbs during their preschool years sets the stage for everything later in life--from whether they can cope with primary school learning, to whether it positions them to seize opportunities that only arise because they are more able than their peers.

2. It instills lifelong critical thinking and problem-solving skills

As part of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) education in Singapore, we place heavy emphasis on instilling lifelong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, while piquing mathematical curiosity and cultivating a good learning attitude among learners. This is where the Preschool Maths Olympiad Programme comes in - in the programme, your children are taught to grasp such intellectual life skills in a fun and memorable way that will set them up for life.

3. It sets your child up for academic success

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The more Maths-oriented activities a child is exposed to in his preschool years, the better their understanding of Maths will be in school. This has the knock-on effect of children becoming better able to understand subsequent Maths concepts in school earlier and more quickly than their peers - putting them in line for opportunities that combine with academic results to aid in university acceptance into courses of choice.

Through our Preschool Maths Olympiad Programme, your young ones will be enriched and given a major mathematical headstart from early on.

4. It positions your child for successful Maths-centric careers

By sharpening your children's aptitude for mathematics, preschool Maths Olympiad training also puts your child on course early on for a highly successful career in engineering or science--or indeed anything that may require Maths.

5. It kindles the competitive spirit

In a highly competitive world, only the competitive excel. By kindling a competitive spirit that looks forward to challenge, preschool Maths Olympiad training equips your children with the competitiveness and resilience they need to succeed in Singapore.

6. Have fun even in challenges

Last but not least, our programme lets your child have fun and not stress out when faced with challenges, especially mathematical ones.

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Terry Chew Academy's Preschool Maths Olympiad Programme?

At Terry Chew Academy, our Preschool Maths Olympiad Programme utilises the renowned method developed by Mr Terry Chew which has been proven to be tremendously effective in producing results.

We are proud to share that 95% of our students have achieved a 2-grade improvement in mainstream Maths and at least a 60% winning rate in Maths Olympiad since 2014. With our proven track record in grown-up Maths Olympiad training, you can be assured of great improvement at the Preschool level.

Our Preschool Maths Olympiad Programme promises a fun learning environment for our young learners to stimulate their interest in maths; ignite their passion to learn and dig deeper into the Maths world. So, don't let your child's precious preschool years go to waste--start nurturing the mathematician in your child today!

Call us for a trial Math Olympiad lesson to assess your child's Math interest and be part of the TCA Math Olympiad programme. Our programme is structured with Singapore MOE's 21st Century Core Competencies; placing a strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and making connections between different math topics to solve complicated problem sums.

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