Expand Your Child's Capabilities in GEP with Math Olympiad

Expand Your Child's Capabilities in GEP with Math Olympiad

Preparing for the exams for the math Gifted Education Programme (GEP) is easier when using Math Olympiad techniques. With stiffer competition to get the best grades to be shortlisted for the programme, it comes as no surprise that parents are sending their children to Math Olympiad courses. Why the Math Olympiad programme? It encourages creative thinking to solve problems while deepening a student's passion for the subject. Math Olympiad caters to the different learning styles of students, as such more parents are keen on using Math Olympiad practice questions as a form of math enrichment for GEP students.

The purpose of GEP

Created in 1984, GEP aims to provide quality education for intellectually gifted children. It consists of two tests - Screening and Selection - to identify students for the programme. It tests students on their mathematical ability, spatial ability, as well as language skills.

The goal of the programme is to develop the abilities of gifted students by stimulating their critical-thinking skills, help them to push the boundaries of educational excellence, and provide a holistic education grounded in moral values.

GEP students are nurtured and equipped with the tools to help them achieve success. With many students in the programme leading successful careers, it is no wonder that parents would want to provide their child with the help they need to get into the programme.

Benefits of the Math Olympiad programme to get into GEP

GEP exposes students to learn concepts and explore them in greater depth. Algebra formulas, the concepts behind them are part of the lessons. High-ability students learn beyond applying a concept, they learn to understand the reasoning behind it and to stretch their capabilities.

Math Olympiad questions are known for encouraging critical thinking skills. They are exposed and encouraged to explore concepts in a creative way to solve problems. This develops their 'can-do' attitude to tackle GEP questions. In addition, Math Olympiad competitions are rigorous, students have their limits stretched to solve math problems with a competitive finesse. They are more capable in coping with the competitive environment and developed a disciplined attitude to achieve their best in the competitions. Such soft skills are valuable and can only be attained through exposure, which makes Math Olympiad students better prepared for GEP.

How does TCA's Math Olympiad programme enrich your child's GEP math?

In our classroom, placed with like-minded peers, your child would be among friends from different schools, bringing with them different perspectives. This encourages learning from each other to solve math problems together.

Our teachers are equipped to meet the needs of high-achievers in the GEP. Learning is made fun - students discuss solutions and teachers coach them to think creatively when approaching a question. Your child will learn tips and guided through strategies to excel in the GEP selection tests.

Our Math Olympiad programme complements the test requirements of GEP - it not only fosters critical thinking skills, it also encourages higher-order thinking, and spatial awareness. Skills that benefit your child beyond the GEP. The questions seen in Math Olympiad offer various difficulty levels to help challenge your child's ability and build their confidence in handling complex math questions. They learn arithmetic, patterns, and measurements to challenge them in reaching their full potential.

TCA's Programmes

Explore your child's capabilities with TCA programmes: 1) Math Olympiad programme - weekly lessons; 2) Math Olympiad holiday programme - 5-day holiday bootcamp course. These programmes cover math and general ability topics to help students through the GEP screening test.

Some of the Math Olympiad topic include the following:

  1. Arithmetic: number sense and four operations.
  2. Geometry: properties of polygons, and angles.
  3. Measurement: gaps and intervals, rates, and sets.
  4. Number Patterns: number sequences and number puzzles.
  5. Figure Patterns: rotational/symmetrical/inverted and matrix puzzles.
  6. Spatial Sense: solid figures and nets.

Reach out to us for a consultation to learn more about the Math Olympiad bootcamp and how TCA can stretch your child's abilities in math!

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