How To Choose The Best Math Tuition Centre For Your Child

7 Best Kept Secrets Savvy Parents Reveal On Choosing The Most Effective Math Tutor For Their Child

Mathematics (along with science) is regarded as the most important criteria for entry into top schools and universities around the world. It is no wonder that parents are anxious for their children to excel in this subject. With the influx of enrichment and tuition centres in Singapore, you might have a hard time deciding on the best math tutor or tuition centre for your child. Amongst the many tuition centres that offer a wide variety of subjects, only a few specialise in maths.

A survey of 500 parents, conducted by The Straits Times and research company Nexus Link, found that 7 in 10 enrolled their children in extra classes but how many of them are selecting the right tuition centre for their child? We have interviewed parents of our top performing students from the PSLE 2018 cohort and are revealing how they made the best decisions for their child.
That's right, these students have been securing their seats ahead of time through the use of Maths Olympiad (MO). This article reveals how, through DSA (Maths Domain), you can help your child secure a seat in Singapore top schools.

Russell was selected by the school to join the NMOS competition in P5. With sufficient training, he managed to win a Gold Medal. Subsequently, we applied for DSA and he was shortlisted. After being put through the DSA test and interview, his entry was finally confirmed.

Richard Goh, Father of Russell Goh
Direct School Admission (DSA) is a program in Singapore introduced in 2004 for students who are in Primary 6 or Secondary 4 to be guaranteed a place in a secondary school or junior college without having to rely on the results of the national examination. So how does MO tie into this?

Any student who is good in maths may use DSA to their advantage:
  1. Take part in one or more recognised MO competitions
  2. Win a medal (or several) at these competitions
  3. Submit an application for DSA
  4. Get shortlisted for the DSA test and interview
  5. Receive a confirmation letter from the school

If you have a child who seems to be talented in mathematics and you are serious about helping him or her secure a seat in a top school, this article will show you how you can make it through the DSA by using MO to your advantage.

Secret 1: Expertise And Trust

Do Your Research. Look through the teachers’ credentials and find out how much experience they have in grooming students in Mathematics. Reliable tuition centres should have this information readily available to the public. Apart from having a strong and proven teaching methodology and track record, they hire coaches who specialise in the subject then give them further training to adopt the centre’s teaching framework. This ensures that all the teachers adopt the same proven approach in class.

According to MOE’s 21stCentury Core Competencies , students are required to develop strong critical thinking skills to solve more challenging questions appear on the examination that are not so straightforward compared to previous years. Choosing a Math tuition centre that focus on this skills can benefit your child’s grades improvement today.

Furthermore, a third of the 752 students who participated in SEAMO X - the final round of SEAMO - were aged between 7-9 years. These are the creme de la creme of young mathematicians who found themselves representing their countries in Singapore on 19 Jan 2019.

Mr Terry Chew B.Sc addressed the 2019 cohort during his opening speech at Suntec City Convention Centre, expressing his amazement at the young age of the competitors and the standard of maths education across Southeast Asian countries in this day and age.

I am heartened to see so many Davids among the Golliaths. Most of you here are so young and dedicated. You children have the luxury of an advanced education and I am glad you have taken full advantage of it and made it here today.

Mr Terry Chew B.Sc at SEAMO X 2019

Secret 2: Knowing Your 'Why?'
Determine the reason for your child to join a Math enrichment or tuition centre. Is your child weak or strong in Maths? Do you want your child to improve on their Mathematical ability or would you like to get them to use this platform to encourage them to join an international Mathematical competition?

Tuition will be a safe haven for a child weaker in Maths as they reinforces students’ learning on challenging topics and provides more detailed explanations, while enrichment classes are expected to have students who have exceeded their peers in Maths.
Secret 3: Lack of Personal Attention

Why many parents choose to enroll their child in Maths enrichment and tuition centre is to track their child’s progress and get access to tutors for extra help. That is why tutors should know the child like his own. It is also important to stick with the same class with a permanent tutor. Compared to the typical big classroom in school, with a smaller teacher-student ratio, students can get more attention and get their queries answered with minimal distraction.

Secret 4: Conducive Learning Environment

The study done by Optics Express suggests that a dynamic lighting can support student’s performance. These minor adjustment in the centre can show they have done their research ,and is determined to provide care and support for a smart learning environment. Beside improving human improvement, a safe and homey environment means a less intrusive space for your child and greater concentration on tasks on hand.

Secret 5: Easy Logistics And Planning

Minimise travel time by planning out the days that you and your child are free and pick a centre that is convenient from your location. You might consider a centralised centre that is near the MRT or near shopping centre to cater to needs such as travel, food, stationary shop.

Perhaps, your child has an existing tuition for another subject, you might consider a Math tuition centre that is nearby and attend the class on the same day. Or you might have a weekly personal appointment around the area close to a few Math tuition centres. Either way, you and your child will surely appreciate the time saved and this means that both of will be more energised for the following activities after classes!

Secret 6: Proof of Effectiveness

One of the most reliable contributors to decide on the Math enrichment and tuition centre is by going to their website, Facebook page, other review sites or word-of-mouth for testimonials. The best Math enrichment and tuition centre are usually not afraid to project their accomplishments or will be prominent on review sites. If they have successfully assist students to produce outstanding results, you know your child will be in safe hands.

Secret 7: Value For Money

The average price of a Math enrichment or tuition centre range from $240 per month for HDB shophouse to $500 per month for shopping centres. This is sometimes necessary due to the location and cost of rent. However, some centres inflate their prices due to advertising dollars spent on marketing so parents should be wary. Do not be blindsided by branding and instead refer to points 1 to 6 above.


Once you are contented with your finding and have selected the centre, choose a suitable class that fits your time by filling up the registration form from their website or call in for consultation to book a trial class.

Students today need to have critical and inventive thinking skills to thrive in a complex world, where jobs now require non-routine analytical and interactive tasks.

Senior Minister of State for Education Indranee Rajah
Be it for the purposes of DSA or simply to increase your child's interest in the subject, there are only benefits to taking up Maths Olympaid. At TCA, at least 60% of our students have won GOLD or SILVER medals but all who have gone through the MO training course have easily secured an A* in PSLE Mathematics. The concepts and problem-solving skills acquired helps students make connections and think outside the box - something that MOE demands of them as part of the 21st Century Core Competencies.

So to all of you parents who are exploring this opportunity, we say, "Unleash the Maths Olympian in Your Child!"

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